Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Northstar Garage ensures that all the customers receive good quality material and exceptional customer satisfaction; we stand by our work.

Yes, many of the circumstances and according to the relevant complaint, we perform the repairing tasks the very same day.  Call us for an overview and diagnosis of the problem via phone.

If you think that the door is too heavy and you require the power of both your hands to open then you might need our expert visit. In our opinion, the adjustment must be out. If you intend to try it yourself, you might get hurt. The opener is not the answer. Openers are basically designed to open properly balanced doors.

YES, we are the top-rated garage door specialists and have a quantity stock of parts including door openers and other accessories of any brand. We will try to resolve any issue and deal with it efficiently.

First, of all, if you think you need immediate repair, call us now!

We will certainly not recommend you to repair as the springs are too hard and can hurt you. But, if you think that the door might need some oil, you can go ahead, but it is recommended to call our technicians for a tune-up.

YES, we certainly are. For further detailed information about our license, please call.

Sameday Service


We keep your home safe by providing prompt and same day services. At Northstar Garage, we make sure your garage functions with the precision by using well-known, top quality doors, openers and parts.


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